Student Snowflakes Sign Petition To Ban ‘Offensive’ Valentine’s Day

In recent years College Campuses have been overtaken by “PC Police” who have been warning students and administrators across the country about allowing objectionable holiday celebrations such Christmas which may offend non-Christians or Halloween with its offensive costumes that steal from the cultures of others. But what about Valentine’s Day?

So  Campus Reform went to Cornell University to see how crazy it could get. They were armed with a fake petition to ban Valentine’s Day, ” on the grounds that it was simply too offensive to students without a romantic partner,” and it pushes the idea that “single people have no value.”

It quickly became clear that students at Cornell were more than willing to go along with any measure that would supposedly make their campus a more inclusive space.

“That’s a really nice petition,” said one student, while another admitted “I’m in a relationship, but I totally understand.”

One student condemned the



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