Student Facing Prison After Being Accused of Rape, Then 40,000 Texts Get Released

Talk about the power of social media and text messages! This is ONE sick chick!

This just goes to show you, whatever you put out there either through social media or texts, can be used against you in a court of law. So if you are trying to claim someone raped you, maybe it’s a good idea not to send 40,000 texts to people about how you enjoyed the sex. This guy’s life could have been ruined.

A British criminology student at London’s Greenwich University, whom local authorities dragged through hell after a fellow student accused him of rape and sexual assault two years ago, has been cleared of all charges.

The judge in student Liam Allan’s case threw out the charges against him last week after 40,000 text messages were discovered that showed his accuser “wanted and enjoyed the sex she later claimed was non-consensual,” according to the U.K.



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