Strange-Moore faceoff ‘most important Senate race in generation’

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

The Republican Party has swept all of the special elections to replace members of Congress tapped by President Trump for posts in his administration.

But there’s another one coming up: next week’s GOP runoff in Alabama between seated temporary Sen. Luther Strange, the state’s former attorney general, and Judge Roy Moore, the state’s former Supreme Court chief justice.

The election is being called “the most important Senate race in a generation” because it could indicate whether the party is moving back to its conservative roots, by choosing Moore, or toward the establishment by choosing Strange.

Most assume that in Republican-dominated Alabama, the GOP nominee will win the general election against a Democratic Party nominee in December.

It was American defense attorney and Conservative Review senior editor Daniel Horowitz who defined the battle in those terms.

He argued Republicans lawmakers govern like Democrats once elected and then get



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