Store serving military finds out soldiers still need ammo clips

Amid the current move to curb access to guns and ammunition, one retail outlet is going the opposite direction.

True, it is the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, but even the military retailer had adopted the politically correct position of reducing options for consumers.

That’s common these days, with the negative backlash over school shootings.

For example, Citibank recently announced it was imposing new restrictions on firearms transactions for its customers.

And many retailers have announced policies requiring gun buyers be at least 21 years old, even though it’s not in the law.

The Military Times reports AAFES decided this month to stop offering high-capacity ammunition magazines.

It eliminated products that hold 11 rounds or more.

But it took only days for it to announce it was reversing course.

“Feedback from active-duty, Guard and Reserve soldiers and airmen highlighted the criticality of high-capacity magazines as it relates to readiness and proficiency,” the statement said.



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