Don’t you find it a bit coincidental about the time that President Donald Trump’s approval numbers hit 50%, the perennial Northeast Seaboard candidate Governor Mitt Romney decided to trot out to Utah and announce a bid for the United States Senate? Is this a mere coincidence or, is there some nefarious shenanigan politics going on behind the scenes?

We on the right side of the Republican Party have long known those party operatives, Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, and the rest of the Ivory Tower elitists despise Donald Trump and his populist movement. Let’s face it, Trump is in their face, draining their cash cows and other illegal money-making schemes and they’re heartbroken. If you’ll remember, one of the first acts as President that Trump did, was to sign an Executive Order to curtail lobbyist and lobbying on Capitol Hill severely. What this effectively did was to stick a harpoon into



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