Starbucks Liberal CEO Steps Down ..May Run For President in 2020

Howard Schultz the current politically correct CEO of Starbucks will be stepping down on April 2nd.  The move was strategically timed so that he can celebrate one last holiday that was named for him just one day before.  Schultz has hurt the name brand that he built by choosing Muslims over Christians and promosing to hire 10,000 refugees.  (Which is not only ill advised, it’s also very illegal.)

Kevin Johnson will replace Schultz, who will remain with the company working on products and innovation.  Starbucks is estimated to be worth 85 billion dollars and Schultz is said to be worth 3.1 billion although I wouldn’t give you a plug nickel for him.  He was discussed as a possible running mate for Hillary in 2016 and many democrats are urging him to run in…



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