Springsteen Tickets Hit $10,000, and Wall Street Gets Scalped

We ain’t in Asbury Park anymore: prime tickets to “Springsteen on Broadway” are now going for as much as $10,000 on StubHub.

Even a cheap seat will cost you $1,400. Never mind that it says $75 on the ticket.

Sure, those $2.50 tickets, circa “Rosalita,” disappeared in the ’70s. But The Boss’s run at Broadway’s Walter Kerr Theater, which begins Oct. 3, is just the latest example of how today’s ticket resellers, AKA scalpers, help drive prices to you’ve-got-to-be-joking levels.

No wonder Wall Streeters want in on this action. Tickets, whether to Bruce, Adele or “Hamilton,” seem like a sure thing — as safe and liquid as T-bills, only a lot more lucrative. Talk about price inelasticity. And the business is huge: an estimated $15 billion a year.

The pitch is an old one. The supposed fraudsters typically tell their marks they have the inside track on an investment, in



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