Special Counsel Robert Mueller Just Went ‘Over The Cliff’

It appears that team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller has exceeded the bounds of ethical behavior and all the world sees it. The Special Counsel team, aided and abetted by the General Services Administration has secured access to all the transition files of the Trump Presidential team.

Problem number one is a violation of attorney-client privilege. Problem number two is the ability of an incoming President to plan a transition has been encumbered. Problem number three was the indiscriminate grabbing of all documents, regardless of the subject. Is that enough for you? Read on.

As Written By J.R. Dunn for the American Thinker:

With the news that his people illegally obtained the Trump transition emails – many of them having no conceivable bearing on his “inquiry” – Robert Mueller’s investigation proceeds even farther into disintegration.

This is not at all how it was supposed to turn out.  Hillary, the DNC, and the #NeverTrumps no doubt



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