Special Counsel Mueller adversely affecting American-Russian relations

Just the existence of the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller has an adverse effect on American-Russian relations. It is obvious that relations are strained. The safety of citizens of both nations is at risk.  There has been an escalating tit-for-tat in between us and them. Because of the Special Counsel, the two leaders of the US and Russia have not been able to have a meaningful meeting. Here is why Mueller needs to get this over with. 

As Written By Gregg Jarrett for Fox News:

A direct conflict between the U.S. and Russia is a daily threat.

Two months ago, the Pentagon accused Russia of dropping bombs dangerously close to American special operations forces in eastern Syria. The U.S. issued a stern warning. In response, Russia threatened to retaliate if its troops came under fire by the U.S.

The two nations use a “de-confliction” hotline every day to share information about their operations in



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