South Korea Fears Kim Yong-un Will Use Drones to Release Anthrax

Yonhap, the largest news agency in South Korea has expressed the fears that Kim Yong-un will load up his 1,000 drones with anthrax, a pathogen North Korea is known to have.  Anthrax is especially dangerous because although people can’t catch it from others, the spores will attach themselves to clothing or hair and that can facilitate the spread.  That Yong-un would use his drones that way would not be a surprise since their air force is so puny and ineffective.  Mad men do not think about consequences until they are caught and by that time it’s too late.

North Korea can thank Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton for their nukes.  Bill Clinton sent Carter to negotiate a peace between the two countries and to dissuade North Korea from trying to obtain nukes.  The…



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