Sorry Liberals, We Can’t Survive Another Obama-Type “Red Line” w/ North Korea

The Facebook foreign policy experts and the Left news are going nuts trying to protect Clinton and Obama. It now seems the North Korean nuclear deal was just a “framework” that the international community could build on. What does that mean?

According to then-President Bubba “I didn’t have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton said the North Korean agreement was a GOOD deal for the United States because the deal would freeze and then DISMANTLE their nuclear arsenal. (That worked out well, now didn’t it!)

South Korea and others in the area would be better protected and the entire world will be safer by slowing these guys down. Clinton also said South Korea and Japan agreed to help North Korea find an alternative way to generate power, eliminating their need for nuclear power. The United States and international inspectors were to CAREFULLY monitor North Korea and ensure it



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