Soros-funded Media Matters falsely claims social media companies not censoring conservatives

If you’ve ever been censored on social media, the far-left George Soros-funded Media Matters wants you to know that you really weren’t being censored.  The so-called “media watchdog” actually made that claim in an article taking the the Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft to task for a social media neutrality panel he conducted earlier this month in Washington, D.C.

According to Media Matters, “…social media companies aren’t censoring conservative voices; they are taking action to combat fake news, Russian propaganda, hate speech, and online harassment and not always succeeding.”

Got that?  Conservatives aren’t really being censored by social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. It’s all a figment of their imagination…

Really?  Tell that to the many conservatives who actually have been targeted and censored by social media companies — like PragerU, which has a lawsuit against Google and YouTube for censorship, or Warriors for Christ, a Christian ministry targeted



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