Sons of Guns? Cracker PLEASE!

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Sons Of Guns? Sons Of Bi#%£es! The Will Haden story brings the light of sanity to recent events that have cost so many so much. He was sentenced to two life sentences plus forty years on May 11th, and I think it’s poetic justice that the story didn’t event pre-empt Donald Trump’s Big Mac that day. I mean, even I missed it! On a sidebar I’d like to say To Will, DUDE, you got a hit TV show, more guns than God, New Orleans right down the road, and you can’t find a date outside your twelve year old daughter? You can date a llama in New Orleans! Cracker PLEASE! Wonder how his MMPI is gonna turn out.

I did a piece not long ago where I understood what women go through day to day in a male dominated world, trying to look pleasant and not have



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