Solar Eclipse Travel Forecast: Storms Predicted for South, East

Americans traveling this weekend to see the Aug. 21 solar eclipse may have to deal with a forecast of storms that could delay flights or snarl traffic in the South and East.

Thunderstorms and rain showers are predicted both Saturday and Sunday from the Carolinas to the Gulf Coast states, which AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydnowski said might “be troublesome for ground and air travel.”

The storms might be heavy enough to cause flash flooding for a short period of time, which can disrupt ground travel even more, AccuWeather reported. Southern cities that may be affected include Atlanta, New Orleans, Charlotte, and Orlando, especially areas along interstates 10 and 95.

Most areas being traveled in hopes of seeing a full eclipse are not expected to have any travel problems, Fox News reported. Even the anticipated storms will more likely be a nuisance than a big problem, the network said.

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