So what does Judge Sullivan have in mind for Michael Flynn?

Did Judge Sullivan just drop a big hint to General Michael Flynn that there may be a problem with his guilty plea? The Judge is a strong supporter of exculpatory evidence. He demands that the prosecution lay out all the details and evidence that they have against the accused before a plea deal is negotiated. 

Will there be a withdrawal of General Flynn’s guilty plea? Was the General coerced into coping a plea? He would not be the first person who pled guilty even though innocent. What evidence does Special Counsel have that would help the General? If he has it, why was it not revealed before now? Maybe this is one scalp that Robert Mueller will not get to put on his belt.

As Written and Reported By Kristina Wong for Breitbart: 

Recent developments in the Michael Flynn case are prompting speculation among legal experts that his defense team could withdraw his



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