So PBS May Lose Government Funding? Get Over It!

Liberal media is alllllllll over the topic of “Evil” Mr. Trump and his plan to defund PBS, wiping it out completely.

I love PBS. I grew up watching Wishbone, Sesame Street, Between the Lions, Arthur, and more. However, there is more to the issue than fond memories. We must separate feeling and ration.

Here’s what they don’t want you to think about:

We are $19 TRILLION in national debt

How can we begin to pay off that debt unless we start cutting out the things we don’t NEED. Don’t get me wrong, PBS is a great program. However, children will not die without it. They will still have youtube and heck, HBO signed a deal with Sesame Street, which is what most people are up in arms about “losing.” They aren’t losing Big Bird, they just won’t be able to get him on television for free anymore.

Bummer, yes. However,…



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