SNL Tiredly Lambasts Trump, Getting Boring

Saturday Night Live’s dogging of Donald Trump has gotten boring and childish during their latest episode.

This time around, however, even the actors themselves seem tired and bored of the politically motivated, pedantic impressions and content.  To be honest, this week’s episode felt more than just a little bit desperate.

“If President Trump’s shock-and-awe attack on truth, decorum and liberal sensibilities is intended to bludgeon his opponents into submission, “Saturday Night Live” felt like his latest victim this weekend.

“Not that the show, which has been one of his most outspoken and popular antagonists, didn’t remain on the attack. Melissa McCarthy reprised her savage impersonation of Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, and Alec Baldwin (in his 17th appearance as host) donned his flaxen wig and prosthetic jowls to play Mr. Trump in a ‘People’s Court’ sketch mocking the president’s attempts to have his travel ban reinstated. Kate McKinnon…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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