Slick Willie Strikes Again

Hillary Has Hubby Meet With Loretta Lynch To Save Her Own Skin (Image: MGN)

Bill Clinton had a private meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch at an airport in Pheonix on Monday. Reporters asked Lynch about the suspicious meeting to which she said the conversation centered around “his grandchildren.” Many believe that this could cause Senator John Cornyn from Texas to be handed command over the Hillary Email Server investigation.

Apparently, Bill Clinton decided to “drop in” on Attorney General Loretta Lynch, while they were both at an airport in Pheonix on Monday.

People are raising an eyebrow at the suspicious meeting.

Bill Clinton was supposedly waiting to leave the state when he went onboard Lynch’s government aircraft, shortly after she landed. The conversations that went on inside the aircraft are unknown, although, Lynch did later tell reporters that the center of the conversation revolved around “his grandchildren.”

“It was primarily…



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