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Dear Reader:

When you get the sleep you need, you wake up feeling like a million bucks.

It’s like winning the lottery!

But let’s face it: These days, seems like you got a better shot at winning the ACTUAL lottery than getting the blissful sleep you crave.

Well, friend, if you’ve been struggling to get some shuteye, today’s your lucky day. I’ve got your ticket for the sleep lottery, and this one’s guaranteed to hit the prize every time.


It’s a potent new form of melatonin, a.k.a. the “sleep hormone” that you’ve heard so much about.

But I bet you’ve never heard of THIS powerful new form of it.

It’s not a pill or capsule. In fact, it’s nothing like the stuff you’ve seen on sale at the local big-box store.

And after you learn about how effective it can be… after you feel how quickly it can go to work… you may never pop another pill to help you sleep again.

The ‘two-pump’ breakthrough you’ve been waiting for

I call it EZzz Spray PM, and my team and I have been working for years to develop this groundbreaking liquid formulation of melatonin, called LMX.

See, when you swallow a pill or capsule, you have to wait for it to hit your stomach, dissolve, and then spread out. That can feel like it’s taking forever – especially when you’re staring at the ceiling, wondering if you’ll ever manage to fall asleep.

That’s not a problem with the tiny miracle droplets in our new breakthrough. These “liposomal microspheres” mimic your body’s own cell structure – so when EZzz Spray PM delivers MILLIONS of them into your nasal passages, they can go DIRECTLY into your bloodstream!

In one study, LMX was absorbed TWO TIMES BETTER than the standard melatonin, causing blood levels to jump immediately.

Even more incredibly, those levels didn’t just start out higher. They STAYED higher!

The folks who took capsules, on their other hand, saw their levels drop within hours.

That’s what happens in the body. But what’s more important are the results in your bedroom — and they’re going to knock you out (in all the right ways).

In one study of folks over the age of 50, LMX beat standard melatonin by every single measure you care about. These folks fell asleep faster… stayed asleep longer… and woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

You may not know the kind of sleep I’m talking about… because you may never wake up feeling good!

It’s time to start.

Today, I’d like to give you the opportunity to see how it works for yourself – a chance to wake up in the morning feeling better than you have in years.

For me, it only takes two pumps of EZzzSpray PM to do the trick. But the great thing about this spray is that it works so quickly… you can start off with two… and then add more pumps as you need them.

You control WHEN you sleep… and HOW MUCH.

It’s like using a remote control to tune into your favorite program (in this case, The Dreamtime Variety Hours) – ON DEMAND!

And on the off chance it doesn’t work for you, rest easy with the best guarantee in the business.

Not getting the perfect night’s sleep? Not happy for ANY reason at all? Get a prompt, no-questions-asked refund from my polite customer service team.

Learn more… or place your risk-free order… right here.

In Your Corner,
Dr. Allan Spreen

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