Sid Blumenthal Is The Clinton’s Designated Inventor Of Cover-up Lies

Tuesday’s revelation that Sidney Blumenthal was the team Clinton source, feeding information to anti-Trump dossier creator Christopher Steele is not surprising. Sid Blumenthal former journalist, close adviser to Hillary Clinton and the man whose email account led hacker Guccifer into Hillary’s private email server, has spent much of the past 37 years acting as a political hit man, and designated lie inventor for Bubba and Hillary Clinton. Even when he was banned from working at the State Department by President Obama, Blumenthal did his best to advise Hillary about Libya where he had financial interests and to send the former Secretary of State the latest musings about Israel from his anti-Semitic son Max.

Sid Blumenthal is not a newcomer to the creation of political fantasies. Along with being Steele’s contact he was the man behind the anti-Obama birtherism and there is some evidence that he may have been the person behind the Benghazi YouTube video



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