Sick of Package Thieves, Man Employs Special Ammo in BlankBox [Video]

This is a great way to scare off those losers who think they have a right to steal your hard earned and paid for package or gift.

Let’s face it, if you have ever ordered something online. Then, paid for the package to be delivered, only to have arrived home and NOT found it at your front door, well, it’s pretty frustrating and nerve racking. I mean, to think some punk stole your package that you paid for. UNREAL!

TheBlankBox is a clever little device. No harm! No foul!

The next time some punk wants to take your special package, set this nice little BlankBox outside your door and sit back and enjoy!

Think about it! If you put this device out the day you’re scheduled to get a delivery and someone decides to help themselves to your package, you better believe they will drop everything and run. They may



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