Sick New Abortion Device and Glamour Magazine is Proud of This Baby Killing Technology

A liberal feminist magazine is touting an abortion technological advancement that will allow you to murder your baby in just minutes. Conservatives are saying that this is SICK – EVIL – VILE – Why is this allowed by the Lord? Glamour magazine is proud of this advancement in health care as they like to call it. Here are the gruesome details. Read if you want to know what the devil is up to now.

As Written and Reported By Amanda Prestigiacomo for the Daily Wire:

Unlike pro-life and religious organizations, the feminist movement has rejected the idea of helping women with unplanned pregnancies to overcome the obstacles in their paths and ensure a healthy life for them and their children. Instead, they’re actively pushing to normalize the murder of unborn babies and promoting the most efficient ways to do it.

A new abortion device called SofTouch, which was featured in feminist magazine Glamour on Sunday, can kill an unborn



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