Should trashing art bring longer jail term than murder?

Houston super-attorney Anthony Buzbee

Most of the world has heard the sordid details surrounding an epically bad “first date” between a Texas attorney and a court reporter. Lindy Lou Layman was arrested Dec. 23, 2017 on “felony criminal mischief” charges after a disastrous soirée with Houston mega-attorney Anthony Buzbee. Apparently things didn’t go well for either of them, and Buzbee’s art collection has suffered the most. So far.

Layman, a freelance court reporter from Dallas, was accused of tearing and smashing valuable art in Buzbee’s palatial Houston digs. According to Buzbee, she didn’t want to leave, launching into a deranged raid on his art, while armed with wine. Layman’s attorney says there is another side to the story: Buzbee’s damaged art includes two Andy Warhol originals, while Renoir and Monet escaped unscathed. Estimated value of her rampage was $300,000.

Lindy Lou Layman, Dallas court reporter

Between notoriety, greed,

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