Should Florida Students be Protected by Armed Personnel?

Have you ever really thought about the backward logic used by so many liberals and Democrats today? Perhaps the most backward logic they use is to point to tragic events like Sandy Hook Elementary School to support their argument for more and stricter gun control.

My heart goes out to the parents of the six and seven-year-old kids who were slaughtered by a deranged individual by the name of Adam Lanza. He entered the school, armed to the teeth and began shooting kids and adults. When it was all over, 20 young kids and 6 adults were dead. Prior to the horrible shooting, Lanza shot and killed his mother. It wasn’t until the first responders finally arrived, that Lanza turned his gun on himself, shooting himself in the head and taking the coward’s way out.

No one can think or talk about what happened at Sandy Hook without fighting back…



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