Should Allegations of Sexual Abuse Be Taken Seriously?

In the 1948 movie, The Adventures of Don Juan, Errol Flynn plays the infamous Spanish lover. When he is accused of making advances to a married woman, Don Juan/Flynn is defended by a courtier who testifies that the woman asked for it. “A man can only take so much,” says the eyewitness, suggesting that the don should not be faulted for succumbing to the aggressive moves of a seductive female. This movie sequence can serve as a metaphor for the current rash of sexual misconduct allegations.

We have a similar accusation that President Trump pushed a woman “up against the wall” at Mar-a-Lago and “had his hands all over” her. I can say from personal experience that most men will not behave like this unless they have received positive reinforcement from a woman. In this case, we don’t know what provoked the alleged “pushing up against the wall” but you



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