Shotgun Packin’ Momma Frightens Off Intruder

Have you ever heard of the warning about never getting between a mother bear and her cubs? It’s not just a saying, but it’s a truth that applies to many animals.

While watching nature programs, we’ve witnessed mother wildebeests attacking a pride of hungry African lions to protect her calf. We’ve seen videos of a mother elk attacking a pack of wolves to protect her calf. Many mothers will risk their lives to defend their young ones and humans are no different.

That’s what happened in Miami Gardens, Florida, recently when an as yet unidentified intruder tried to break into a house. What he didn’t count on was a mother determined to protect herself and her two kids, but he quickly found out she meant business. As the man broke into the home, he was confronted by a mom, who does not want to be named, carrying a shotgun. She…



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