Sheriff David Clarke to stand trial for calling man a ‘snowflake’ on Facebook

On Friday, USA Today reported that former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is set to stand trial on January 22 for allegedly referring to a critic on Facebook as a “snowflake.”

According to USA Today:

A federal judge Friday dismissed most of a civil-rights lawsuit against former Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. over an incident at Milwaukee’s airport last year.

But a claim that Clarke retaliated on Facebook for Daniel Black’s exercise of his First Amendment right to shake his head at Clarke survives, and is now set for trial Jan. 22.

Black and Clarke were on the same flight Jan. 15, 2017, from Dallas to Milwaukee. Black saw Clarke wearing Dallas Cowboys gear and asked if he were David Clarke.

Clarke said he was, and Black shook his head and walked away to his seat in coach.

Black, the report said, was met by six deputies who escorted him



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