Shakespeare in the Park Dramatizes Violent Bloody Murder of President Trump

It’s amazing isn’t it?

For years the liberal media (and many of their friends in politics) have attacked Republicans for using any rhetoric that could be remotely connected to violence. Whether it’s words like “taking aim,” or “hunting,” or “firing the first shot,” or “fighting for you,” liberals love to use these words against Republicans and argue that they are “inciting” violence. However, when Democrats literally use violence – whether during protests to shut down conservative speech, or in dramatized form like Kathy Griffin – liberals are suddenly unconcerned about violent rhetoric.

You’d have thought that liberals had learned their lesson after watching rapper Snoop Dogg “shoot” a version of the President (dressed as a clown), or Kathy Griffin’s faux-beheading of the President… but no, they’ve learned nothing. How do we know? Because this year’s supposedly a-political Shakespeare in the Park (in Central Park, New York City), dramatizes a very…



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