Sexual Assault Moore or Less

Sexual assault Moore or less seems to be the order of the day. Now, before the liberals and SOME republicans get on their soapbox and call me a pervert I’d like to point out a few simple facts. First off, isn’t it handy that no one had any problems until Roy Moore ran for the senate. All these forty years or so the offended had a collective brain fart and went merrily about their business. Roy did all them horrible things and Nobody told mommy, a cop, a priest or even the cat, but the very second it looked like Moore was about to be a senator they all came out of the woodwork with soiled panties. Let’s do some math. Uh, fourteen plus forty equals a GRANDMOTHER!

Now just what would you call a woman like that? Well, that would be a whore. Swat them bees. Liberals. Bill Clinton’s



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