Sessions Defends Trump, Calls Charlottesville Killing ‘Domestic Terrorism’

President Donald Trump’s statement on the Charlottesville protests was a strong one that took a stand against violence, bigotry and hatred, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday.

His statement has been criticized by both Republicans and Democrats, who say it did not directly address white supremacists,

“He condemned it,’ Sessions told the “CBS This Morning” program. “He called on us to love one another. He was strong about that.”

However, Sessions did agree that it was wrong to draw a moral equivalence between the two groups of protesters, and said that Heather Heyer, the young woman who was killed when a car plowed into a group of counterprotesters Saturday, lost her life while she was exercising her rights to protest hatred and bigotry.

On a later news program, he said he does consider the incident domestic terrorism.

“This individual had no right to drive a car into people, killing her and



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