Separation of Church and State still a mystery to liberals

Will someone tell the uneducated and uninformed liberals that the Museum of the Bible can in no way violate the separation of church and state? The main reason is that no such law exists. That was a ruling by the courts and in no way reflects the Constitution. The media will spin this up and the masses will believe it. Here is what the truth really is. Read on.

As Written By Kimberly Bloom Jackson for the American Thinker:

Taking center stage in our nation’s capital is the new Museum of the Bible – a massive $500-plus-million-dollar, privately funded, state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the world’s most famous book.

Some in the media, most notably on CBS This Morning and NBC’s Today, seem to be trying to stir up a little hysteria by claiming that the museum opened “under a cloud of suspicion.”  Because the museum is located just two blocks from the U.S. Capitol, they fear that



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