Senator warns: McCain’s behavior “not normal” (death’s door?)

John McCain’s health has been on the downturn — and now there’s open speculation that the longtime Arizona senator could be on death’s door.

McCain has been undergoing treatment to fight what The Washington Post calls “an aggressive, highly lethal type of cancer” in his brain, called glioblastoma.

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Now, insiders are warning that McCain’s health has recently taken a sharp downturn — and it’s negatively effecting his behavior and his ability to participate in his duties.

He is “very frail, and we’re concerned,” Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat, told CNN’s Wolf Blizter. Wyden told the host he’s desperately praying for the senator and his wife, Cindy.

Other sources have come forward to warn that McCain is unable to participate in meetings as a side-effect of his treatment — and his behavior is “not normal.”

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