Senator Markey Wants Government’s Grubby Hands To Control The Internet

Just when we thought the fight over net neutrality was over…it’s not. A Liberal Senator from Massachusetts has decided that internet freedom, like any other freedom, must be destroyed. Why? Because he’s a liberal. His copy of the Declaration of Independence omits the part about our rights being endowed by our Creator, so he has to stick his grubby hands into everything.

A Senate bill created to undo the net neutrality bill has received enough backing to force a Senate vote. The Federal Communications Commission repealed the internet rule implemented under the Obama administration. However, Democrats are fighting the repeal hard and want it undone.

IJR reports:

Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) first filed the resolution in mid-December. If passed, the bill would overturn the FCC’s rollback of net neutrality rules under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) — the same legislative policy Republicans used to roll back Obama-era regulations last year.



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