Senator Chuck Schumer: The King Of FlipFlopia

Somewhere outside of Washington D.C., there is a secret kingdom. It’s a land that the mainstream media knows about but never covers. The land is called FlipFlopia. It is ruled by Chuck Schumer whose full title is “Chuck the Schumer, King of FlipFlopia, Ruler Of All He Cannot See Because He Wears His Glasses Like An Old Schoolmarm and High Priest of Hypocrisy.

In his exalted position the Schumer enforces the kingdom’s prime directive “If something is supported prior to Donald Trump becoming president, it must be rejected now.”

The Wall

For example Trump’s promise of building a wall on the southern border of the United States. Sen. Schumer is an opponent of the wall, in March he threatened to shut down the government if the spending bill contained funding for the wall. At the end of Septemeber, he continued his objection saying, “We are going to continue to have



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