Senate cracks down on online brothels


The U.S. Senate, following House action just weeks ago, Wednesday adopted H.R. 1865, which supporters say will fight online “brothels” that sell sex.

A statement from the White House said it is a step “to end modern slavery in all of its forms.”

“The president and his entire administration are firmly committed to holding those who participate in these horrific crimes accountable, and look forward to continued work with these stakeholders in order to put an end to this scourge.”

Last month the House approved the bill to combat websites that, according to one supporter, “knowingly exploit women and children for financial gain by serving as a brothel for online advertisements for traffickers and pimps.”

Donna Rice Hughes, president and CEO of the activist organization Enough is Enough, said the 97-2 Senate vote is a “critical step toward draining the cyberswamp of commercial sexploitation.”

“Enough Is Enough (EIE)



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