Sen. Schumer Steps In Major Pile Of Political Doggy-Do After Tax Bill Passes

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer ever met a GOP program he liked. I do believe if President Trump found a way to end all war, Schumer would complain that not enough people were dying and the earth was getting too crowded. Most of the time he flies off the handle to criticize a bill, speech or policy before it’s been written.

He’s been a big opponent the tax plan going with the standard liberal argument that every tax cut ever done favors the rich and doesn’t help the economy. Of course, he is ignoring the tax cut pushed by John F. Kennedy and the one by Ronald Reagan, each brought a period of prosperity to the economy.

As his usual habit, immediately after the House voted a second time to approve the tax bill, he didn’t wait to start criticizing. And that was his big mistake. Schumer found a TV camera and started bloviating, and



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