Sen. Grassley Slams Sen. Schumer For Lying In Order To Slander Pres. Trump

On Thursday Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) accused Senate Minority leader and fellow “Chuck,” Sen. Schumer (D-NY) of lying in a blatant attempt to smear President Trump. The NY Democrat kept opining that the President was under investigation by the FBI when Schumer had already been informed that Trump was NOT being investigated.

“Mr. (James) Comey didn’t just tell the President, Senator Feinstein and me that the president was not under investigation,” Grassley said on the Senate Floor. “He had also told the gang of eight. Of course, the gang of eight includes Senate Minority Leader Senator Schumer. But even after Mr. Comey told the gang of eight that the president was not under investigation, the minority leader told the media that the president was under investigation and of course that further help feed media storm– Hysteria.”

The gang of eight is comprised of the two most senior members of…



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