SELL OUT! Obama’s crazy new plans for 2019 revealed

Former President Barack Obama has a new plan to protect his legacy — and while he’s reaching over millions of people with his unfiltered message, he’ll also be raking in millions of dollars.

Obama and Netflix are reportedly negotiating a blockbuster deal for the former president and his wife, Michelle, to produce shows exclusively for the streaming service.

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That means if your family is one of the millions of subscribers to Netflix, Obama would have direct access to your television. The proposed deal was reported Friday by The New York Times, which cited television insiders familiar with the discussions.

Netflix did not immediately respond for a request for comment. Obama spokeswoman Katie Hill also declined comment on the report.

Obama senior advisor Eric Schultz in a statement said the Obamas believe in the power of storytelling to inspire.

A deal with Netflix, which could come as soon as next year, would help the former first family reach nearly 120,000,000 Netflix subscribers with their liberal message.

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Schultz said the couple continues to explore new ways to help others share their stories — and make a quick buck doing it.

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