See Arab TV hate fest against Israel reach blood-libel proportions

WASHINGTON – The host of a program on official PA TV taught viewers that Israel “murders, imprisons, and tortures” Palestinian children, and accordingly “has built itself on the bodies of children.”

Issa Karake, director of Palestine Liberation Organization Commission for Prisoners’ Affairs, claimed Israel “executes” kids, in video captured and translated by Palestinian Media Watch.

“[Israel] is still going further and further with arrests of the [Palestinian] children – not just arrests, but also execution and murder,” said Karake. “Children have been summarily executed. … This has occurred based on official decisions made by the Israeli government, which has decided that live bullets should be fired at what it calls ‘the rock throwers.’”

Official Palestinian Authority V host Walaa Al-Battat had this to say: “The occupation government, (which is how those demanding a Palestinian state characterize Israel) which claims it is democratic and has won the support of some of



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