Secret Service holds first full-scale training exercise at the White House

Just before dawn Friday, the U.S. Secret Service held its first full-scale training exercise involving potential threats at the White House.

In one scenario, agents responded to an intruder who breached the White House fence, then an attack dog took him down.

There were other emergency situations, including medical, others classified for security reasons. Today’s training was developed over the course of many months and involved around 100 agents, officers and other personnel. It took place across the entire White House complex.

Agents usually train at the James J. Rowley Training Center in Laurel, Maryland, where there is a K-9 training facility, a driving course, empty buildings for attack scenarios and more.

But officials say nothing approximates the scale and the complexity of the White House.

The new Secret Service Director Randolph Alles — a former Marine general — says he is employing his past experience: we train



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