SecDef Mattis: ‘Storm clouds gathering’ 

When the Secretary of Defense is talking about North Korea and he warns that he sees storm clouds there, you can assume that there is some saber-rattling going on. North Korea continues to play a brinksmanship game, writing checks that its military cannot cash. The latest threat of biological warfare using ICBMs is the latest gambit. Mattis is giving clear signals to the world. Will they listen in North Korea? 

As Written and Reported by The Associated Press:

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) — “Storm clouds are gathering” over the Korean Peninsula, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis declared Friday. And as diplomats try to resolve the nuclear standoff, he told soldiers that the U.S. military must do its part by being ready for war.

Without forecasting a conflict, Mattis emphasized that diplomacy stands the best chance of preventing a war if America’s words are backed up by strong and prepared armed forces.



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