SCOTUS sounded a little bit testy with lower courts

You know how the tone of your Mother’s voice could tell you that she was not pleased with your behavior? Well SCOTUS, the Supreme Court of the United States, seems to have used that tone to its lower courts. They did not seem pleased that the lower courts had inserted themselves into what is the responsibilities of the President. Specifically, the President’s travel ban. Observers of the Court took note of a couple of ways that the court sent the message back downstream. You can see how they read that from the court findings by reading more here.

As Written By Kevin Daley for the Daily Caller:

The U.S. Supreme Court appears somewhat irritated with federal courts that have repeatedly barred the Trump administration from enforcing immigration policies halting the entry of certain classes of migrants and refugees.

The high court’s latest orders sent three clear signals to lower courts, all of which are positive



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