SCOTLAND: Peaceful Muslim Wishes The World “Happy Easter” – Promptly Murdered

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This story explains why all the so-called “Peaceful” Muslims don’t speak out against the evil and disgusting ways of ISIS.

When we see a teen who listened to music beheaded, or gays tossed off of rooftops, or a Christian crucified in a town square, or little children sold into sex slavery, it begs the question…why are the millions upon millions of good Muslims silent?

Here’s your answer. Just like Hitler’s Jack-Boot Thugs, you only have to kill a few innocent people very horrifically to subdue the masses.

Today’s Easter Message from the United Kingdom. A very peaceful and loving man, Asad Shaw, has been murdered in the streets in front of his Glasgow shop. He was a devout Muslim, formerly from Pakistan. He apparently loved his new country of Scotland and the freedoms it allowed.

He recognized the “Christian” influence in his new country with a Facebook post…



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