School district: Students going to anti-gun rally ‘cutting class’

There’s growing concern among parents across America that schools are using their children to pursue an anti-gun agenda.

WND reported over the weekend parents of students in a California school expressed concern that their children would be forced to participate in a planned walkout to promote gun control at an April 20 political event.

The nonprofit legal group Freedom X wrote to Loma Prieta Unified School District Supt. Corey Kidwell asking for assurances the walkout will not violate district policies.

Freedom X founder Bill Becker told WND Monday the district’s assured him it is not pushing students into the political action, nor is it making accommodations.

Kidwell insisted the district “officially is taking a position of neutrality.”

“We are not revising the bell schedule, or taking other steps to encourage cutting of classes, nor will there be special dispensation provided to students who walk out. To the contrary, students and parents have been made aware that walkouts



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