School defends links to Muslim Brotherhood front group

School officials in San Diego are claiming they are immune to a lawsuit over their decision to allow a Muslim Brotherhood front group to gain “unprecedented power and influence” to the point of editing what is taught in classrooms.

They contend the complaint is “barred, in part, by principle of non-intervention into academic affairs, as the decisions at issue rested on bona fide academic judgments.”

Further, the school officials claim, they should be reimbursed for legal costs by the parents who were alarmed over the apparent illegal religious indoctrination “as all applicable decisions by the Board of Education of SDUSD were good faith management decisions.”

The lawsuit was brought on behalf of several families in the district after officials adopted a program that, according to the plaintiffs, singled out Muslim students for special privileges and called for school curricula changes to make it more favorable to Islam.

It also allowed the activist



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