Scarlett Johansson Accused Of “White Washing” Japanese Remake

There is a trend running through our culture. It is this idea that white people are privileged and are always given preference over non-whites. In some cases, we could interpret the situation that way. But, in most of the examples given, it might have more to do with the ability or skill.

It is hard to believe, but not every case of a white achieving is the direct result of racism. It is statistically impossible that every white businessman is less qualified than the black businessman that he beat out.

This is clearly race baiting. But, even the far left liberal nuts are not immune to this false accusation.

Heat Street reports

Paramount created a viral advertising campaign to get fans to create their own memes in order to promote the new movie Ghost in the Shell, a sci-fi crime blockbuster based on the Japanese manga of the same…



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