‘Scam’ superintendent trying to ‘interest’ homeschoolers in state program

A “scam” by a South Dakota school superintendent offering homeschoolers free laptops in exchange for enrolling in his district for one day has been explained.

He was just hoping to interest them in a distance-learning program.

“We thought providing valuable learning tools to our homeschool students while also increasing school revenue was a good idea,” Tri-Valley District Supt. Mike Lodmel said in a letter to the South Dakota Government Operations and Oversight Committee.

The group was assigned to investigate whether or not Lodmel’s scheme was an attempt “to game student headcounts for purposes of garnering more state funds.”

As WND reported last month, Lodmel sent officials to the front doors of families with homeschooled students, presenting the offer. The Argus-Leader in Sioux Falls reported he wanted the children to spend one day in public school “and go home with a new laptop.”

The invitation was for Sept. 29, the day the state counted



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