Satisfaction with U.S. position in world surges 13% under Trump

A new poll by Gallup indicates the number of Americans who are satisfied with America’s position in the world has surged 13 percent under President Trump.

The results of the Feb. 1-10 poll of nearly 1,200 adults, both through cell phone and landline, found 45 percent are happy with the U.S. position in the world and 55 percent believe the world views the U.S. favorably.

It’s just one of the accomplishments by the president that is driving tens of thousands of people to take part in an online digital thank-you card program,, that allows citizens to simply click a few buttons on a computer and send a personalized message of thanks to the president, at no cost.

The Gallup results have a margin of sampling error of 4 percentage points.

“The trends … of how Americans assess the United States’ place in the world have each followed



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