Satanists: How to force Christians to violate faith

Image by Satanic Temple

Shortly before the U.S. Supreme Court created “same-sex marriage,” LGBT activists were threatening Christians for their beliefs in a lawsuit in Washington state.

The activists demanded the release of the names of voters who had signed a petition to put a traditional-marriage initiative on the state election ballot so they could confront the citizens with “uncomfortable conversations.”

Later, and especially after the Supreme Court ruling, LGBT activists targeted Christian business owners with demands for goods or services promoting homosexuality.

Not because those goods or services couldn’t be obtained elsewhere, but because they wanted to establish a legal precedent by compelling the Christians to violate their faith.

A coming Supreme Court ruling will shed light on how far that agenda can be pushed. Colorado baker Jack Phillips is challenging orders from a biased state commission that he undergo a program of LGBT indoctrination because he refused to promote a “gay” wedding.

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