Satanists boast: We quashed pro-life law

A group called the Satanic Temple is boasting of a “historic win for abortion rights,” citing a comment in court by Missouri’s solicitor general that ultrasounds are not required to obtain an abortion in the state.

Solicitor General D. John Sauer spoke in oral arguments at the Missouri Supreme Court in the Satanic Temple’s lawsuit against the state’s “informed consent” law.

The Satanic Temple said Missouri’s abortion providers regularly have performed ultrasounds, believing they are required under the law, which is intended to equip women with information about the baby they’re carrying before obtaining an abortion. However, the pro-abortion group NARAL lists 13 states that require an ultrasound before obtaining an abortion, and Missouri is not one of them.

Missouri’s law requires a mandatory three-day waiting period for abortions and requires that doctors providing abortions give women a booklet that says “the life of each human being begins at conception.”

The abortion providers also

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